An Easy and Affordable Savings Plan for Your Baby

Saving for baby's future

When you find out you are expecting a baby, it is natural to wonder how you will be able to afford the cost of all the diapers, bottles, formula, and everything else that comes with a new baby. Often though, and unfortunately, too many couples forgo the idea of opening a savings account for their baby to be. The majority of people do not have a great saving account plan. If they do have a savings account, it doesn’t have a whole lot of money in it. So how in the world will they be able to afford all those diapers and formula, pay the mortgage and car payment, AND still save for your child’s future?

I have an easy plan for you; A plan that will not break the piggy bank. This plan will allow you to see a bright and successful future for your child without having to get a second (or third) job to do so. I am not promising you that your child will be able to afford Harvard or Yale, but I am promising they will have a head start that many others never get.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in knowing about? Are you thinking, “Yeah-there has to be a deal breaker somewhere in the plan.” Well, honestly, there is nothing of the sort. It is so very simple. And get this…you can even do this savings plan with multiple children!!! Isn’t that great? I bet you don’t believe me. That’s okay. I am going to show you how you can build up a great future for your child(ren). I am promising you a better life for your child at very little cost to you. You ready?

When you have your baby, go out and celebrate their birthday! Open a saving’s account for him or her. You may need a minimum deposit to get started or you may not. That all depends on the place you choose to open the account. Now every time a paycheck comes into that house…you will place a designated amount into your child’s savings account. For the first 12 months of their life, you will put a minimum of $1.00 from each paycheck that comes in. When your child turns 1, there will be another 12 months. This time, put $1.50 from each paycheck into the account. When the child turns 2, put $2.00 from each paycheck into the account. When the child turns 3, start putting $3.00 into the account from each paycheck. And so on…

Your child will not be a multi-millionaire but your child will be able to afford a public college or trade school. The point is to change the course of your family’s future. Teach your child the importance of working hard AND saving and your child will never lack in anything.


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